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 - ¿Puedo besarte?  - Con una condición.  - ¿Cuál?  - Qué no sea la última vez.


Last night my little sister (5th grade) was making an e-mail account

She saw gender and went to click female when she noticed the “other” choice

She looked at me confused and I started to explain that some people don’t think they fit in with strictly male or female

"Oh! You mean like transgender and stuff like that. I was freaked out for a second- I thought they meant robots."

Yet another example the kids are more open-minded than adults


your tumblr is one of those things that you want everyone to see but at the same time you never want to show it to anyone


talking to a hot boy’s parents like, “I’m a big fan of your work”




I’m writing a modern version of Romeo and Juliet for english class and I’m making them dumb teenagers like they should be and I thought tumblr might appreciate some excerpts from my planning document




Oh yeah and romeo’s going to be sulking about rosaline friendzoning him at the start

I’m really trying to emphasise the ‘stupid kids’ thing here

this is perfect

was that not literally the play

started my new job today—i forgot how much retail kicked my ass,

i’m so tired :(